Centrum Doskonałości DEMETER

Centre of Excellence `Environmental Biotechnology Research Centre` DEMETER
The contract number: EVK1-CT-2002-80009

Problems to be solved

Environmental Biotechnology Department EBD is one of the leading Polish research centres in the field of environmental biotechnology with wide contacts in whole Europe with research centres involved in environmental engineering. However, above mentioned contacts should be improved and still developed. It will support in enlargement of environmental biotechnology R&D potential of the Centre with new co-treatment techniques, improving of analytical skills, accessing to unique research infrastructure, participation in common projects, visits and stays for young researchers. Carrying out work connected with this project will help to adjust of the Centre potential to the economic and social needs of our region of Upper Silesia, our country Poland and whole European Community.

Scientific objective and approach

The scientific objectives and approach can be summarized as follows: establishing of twinning mechanisms with two outstanding European centres in the field of environmental biotechnology, development and improvement of the links with Eastern and Western Europe centres, attracting of young researchers by organising PhD students exchange, establishing a platform in the field of groundwater and soil bioremediation and ecotoxicology for specialists by establishing of conference and workshop, improving of the links with regional institutions by organising of meetings with administrative officers and regional government, top managers of Water and Wastewater Management Companies (WWMC) and specialists from national research centres, widening of the capacity of the Centre by opening of the post-graduate studies in the field of ecotoxicology, support for economical and social development of the Region by organising trainings, increasing participation in FP6 and promotion and dissemination of the Centre activities.

Expected impacts

The following benefits can be gained by the project accomplishment: stays for PhD students and young researchers in leading EU centres in the field of environmental engineering, participation in common projects, improving of the analytical skills, preparation of the curriculum of ecotoxicology post-graduate studies and its performing, international conference “Soil and Groundwater Bioremediation” and international workshop in the field of ecotoxicology, trainings and courses for administrative staff and low and high level employees of Water and Wastewater Management Company, publication of brochures and leaflets on centre activities. Every workpackage of project will be concluded by options for next activities of the Centre.